A Spiritual New Year’s Resolution

Gale Tobin
2 min readJan 8, 2022
A Spiritual New Year’s Resolution

It’s just a few days before the New Year. I’m sure everyone is excited and hopeful for the coming 2022. We are all looking forward to a more prosperous New Year and that eventually, humanity is able to move on forward, despite the hardships in life.

And for that, a New Year’s resolution is often necessary. It’s a symbol of change; that people are not constant and will always be looking forward to anything new that’s going to happen. Whether it’s the good times or the bad times, people will continue to change. The only thing that’ll matter is whether people will change for the better or for the worst.

As a believer in spirituality , I am always deeply focused on anything and everything that matters to my spiritual well-being . That being said, someone asked me a very interesting question about making New Year’s resolutions. Is it possible to create or think about a spiritual New Year’s resolution? When someone asked me this, I had to ponder deeply about this question.

And it is quite an interesting question. Is it possible to have a spiritual New Year’s resolution? It took me quite a while to give a good answer. And when I did, I managed to create these spiritual resolutions for myself.

Yes, it is possible to have a New Year’s resolution. All it takes is to find what is important for yourself and your soul. Both have their own needs, but the soul often takes precedence over the physical. That’s because, without one’s soul, one ceases to become human. Your soul is your connection with that one divine being. And whether that being is Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, or anyone, the important thing is to always be in touch with your spiritual well-being.

As for my spiritual New Year’s resolution , these are the things that I’d like to focus on for 2022:

To be more conscious of my spiritual needs, rather than the physical.

To be kind to everyone, regardless of faith or religion.

To be more connected to my spirituality, no matter what difficulties I encounter.

Everyone is welcome to create their own spiritual New Year’s resolution too. You can copy mine or, better yet, meditate and discover what is truly important for you for the upcoming year.

And before I forget, a Happy New Year to everyone!

Originally published at https://galetobin.blogspot.com on January 8, 2022.



Gale Tobin

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