Can Veganism Truly Stop Climate Change? — Gale Tobin

Gale Tobin
2 min readMar 4, 2022

While reading my Twitter posts, I came across an article that was very interesting. It was an article about how you don’t have to be vegan to save our planet Earth. I’m not going to put out every detail placed in the article, but it does state there that factory farming is a moral problem and is responsible for about 70% of the world’s gas emissions.

I’m not much of a science person myself. Nor do I have any background in animal farming or meteorology. But I do know that I can do more research about the issue. And I’m not talking about researching from fabulous sources on the Internet. I’m talking about real research backed with facts and hypotheses.

Does it sound surprising that a spiritual person like me believes in the scientific method? Well, you’d be surprised to know that while I do believe in an all-powerful and all-loving creator out there, there are still a lot of things that science can explain to all of us. And one of those things happens to be climate change. The question here is where do I get my sources from?

I tried reading books. However, there are so many interesting books about climate change that it is very difficult to actually determine which book I want to invest my time in reading. Thus, I decided to skip the books because some of the terms are too scientific for my tastes.

My other option would be to find videos. I started checking Youtube to see if there are any videos that will further explain the concepts of climate change. Naturally, there are about a million videos on Youtube about this particular subject. So I have to, once again, think of a way to find a video that can give me the shortest explanation but is still able to convince me about the topic. To my surprise, I found one such video.

Kurzesagt — In a Nutshell has this video about climate change where they drew on facts and mathematical calculations on whether veganism or going back to plants can actually stop climate change. And the answer that they have is quite simple; it’s a no.

Even if all the people on the planet went back to veganism, it is still nearly next to impossible to stop climate change. That’s because Earth’s atmosphere is always ever-changing. While switching back to plants can help in maintaining Earth’s natural climate balance, our planet and its weather will always be changing. What we can all do though is promote veganism as the holistic answer to food and resources.

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Gale Tobin

Gale Tobin is a creative writer and yoga instructor that thrives through her zest for life. She is a vegan who fights for animal rights and the environment.