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Gale Tobin
2 min readFeb 19, 2022

As a spiritual person, Gale Tobin always has room for love. And it’s not just feelings of love towards another human being, but love towards a higher purpose in life. Since it’s February, a month that is mostly celebrated by couples all over the world, Gale Tobin believes it’s also an appropriate time to write about love and how she celebrates the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Love takes many forms. It could be love towards your parents and siblings. Gale Tobin is particularly fond of her parents. Even if they already raised their child to become an upstanding citizen of society, she still loves them with all her heart. It’s a sacred bond that will last forever. Now isn’t that the kind of love that should also be celebrated in this month of love?

Don’t get me wrong though; Gale Tobin understands that Valentine’s Day is particularly centered around couples. However, there is a small problem right there; this month of love becomes a month of capitalistic love as well. What she means with this notion is that there is too much emphasis on romantic love that the general understanding of what love is becomes too clouded with greed and lust. Don’t know what Gale Tobin is talking about? Oh, just look at every entertainment district in the country and one will notice huge and colorful signs about motels and hotels offering discounted rooms for that one particular activity that is considered as the most intimate form of “love”.

But what exactly is true love? What really is the purpose of celebrating Valentine’s Day? Why should anyone even celebrate this particular holiday? Well, no one truly knows the answer. Even Gale Tobin has no clear and definite answer.

But one thing is true though; we should all strive to love one another, even if it’s Valentine’s Day or not. Stop what you’re doing right now, go to your father, your mother, sister, brother, your child, your wife, anyone whom you owe a big part of your heart right now. Look at them in the eye and tell them that you love them. And then to close things off, give them a loving hug or a friendly peck or even just a small pat on the back.

And that is how Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. Year after year.

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Gale Tobin

Gale Tobin is a creative writer and yoga instructor that thrives through her zest for life. She is a vegan who fights for animal rights and the environment.